What is she.lace?

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When you think she.lace, one word should rush into your thoughts: equality. Our mission is to prove women can and should be considered as vital as men in regards to sneakers. When we envision the word “women” we choose to defy grammar and spelling conventions: wo(men). Not cause we aim to exclude men, it’s because we believe in order to get equal consideration we need to celebrate the uniqueness of women.

How will we do this?
“Anything he can do, she can do just as well…”

she.lace strives to exist in a place where sneakers, art and culture converge. What those concepts represent is open to interpretation and continuously changing. The one constant is we showcase women doing ANY and EVERYTHING while looking oh so fly in their kicks.

she.lace consists of and represents ladies who have had a love for sneakers for as long as they can remember. Unfortunately, for the same amount of time most of these ladies have been disappointed (not to mention frustrated) with the limitations of experiencing that love. If it hasn’t been a dismal selection to choose from, it’s been a poor availability in sizes and overall quantity. Right about now you may be thinking: “Women sneakers are coming out in droves, and they get a lot of exclusive kicks.” Perhaps, this is increasingly the case.

Rebut​: Are the amount of women releases on par with men’s? If you answered “no”
then we still have an issue. As far as we’re concerned, this is why. This could, and should, be understood as a microcosm for an all too common outlook of women’s participation in popular culture. Far too often, traditionally male-dominated spaces exclude ladies in subtle ways that go unnoticed or unchallenged for the most part. Well, consider it the (wo)mandate of she.lace to challenge taken-for-granted norms.

Have you ever noticed that when a pair of sneakers is offered in both men’s and women’s sizes the shoebox for the women models will have the prefix “WMNS” or “W”?  In all fairness, it doesn’t seem like a major detail or something that warrants an in-depth analysis…after all they’re just shoes, right?! But, why is that? Is it because men’s sneakers are the standard and don’t require additional labelling? It would seem to be just as easy to indicate which shoeboxes are men’s by placing a “MENS” or “M” on them. Well, the simple answer may just be that when it comes to volume, selection and availability women’s and men’s sneakers are not equal. As far as she.lace is concerned, it’s about time women become equals in all aspects of the sneaker world. As the expression goes, “If the shoe fits, wear it”…Well, we don’t like the way the “shoe” fits.

Walk with us on our journey to find that perfect fitting “sneaker”.

© Nyaomi. All rights reserved.