Heiress to Progression

“When you’re a heiress you think about the legacy that has been passed down to you, and the obligation that you have to continue, honour and uphold it…One of the things that stands out the most to me is the predecessors in my family, the women that I look up to, are very strong independent women. They have instilled a lot of values in me and I feel like if I didn’t uphold those values, or at least aim to, a lot of the efforts they put in raising me and the struggles they overcame would go in vain…and that’s NOT going to happen.” 
~Maria Giuliana

By this decree and the power invested in she.lace we proclaim all women, henceforth, will be heiresses to progression. Go forth and spread the word! Now, this is a request not a directive because we certainly don’t give orders. This blog site shall be considered our “decree”, and that’s good enough for now. The “power” we’re referring to… That’s the positive vibes fueled by open-mindedness we possess. One thing we will “demand” of you is this: to be aware of your inheritance, for better or worst, and use it to propel you forward. The way she.lace sees it, outward progression requires inward growth. Allow yourself to inherit the best version…of yourself. In a paradoxical way, selfishness can beget selflessness. Confusing? Allow us to explain.

Have you ever noticed the multitude of words that the word “self” can be appended to. If not, we’re going to suggest you become more aware of this (not self-aware, just aware)
Self forms a very material “prefix” for several words worth discussing:
… The list can be truly endless so “before” we “begin” to get too far “ahead” of ourselves we’ll leave it at that (let’s show some self-discipline). All the examples above are self-contained, meaning they have meanings completely independent of the prefix. With the addition of “self” the definition isn’t altered in any way… All that happens is the word’s meaning is applied to an individual, or “oneself”.

Now, let’s discuss prefix…According to Oxford Dictionary “self” is not understood as a prefix in the conventional sense because it can stand alone as its own word (unlike “un” for example). However, Oxford Dictionary also defines prefix as:  A word, letter, or number placed before another. So far all intensive purposes since self is affixed to the beginning of hundreds of words we shall understand its function as a prefix. And, is it a coincidence that “self” forms a telling prefix? We certainly don’t believe so, it only makes sense for us to gauge the importance of putting our well being… In the beginning. The point should be salient at this point, in order to progress you need to put yourSELF in front. Ironically, we’re not encouraging anyone to be self-centered to get ahead (selfish behaviour can only get someone so far). Rather, we want it to be understood that when you centre yourself things have a way of coming full circle. And when that circle has self-love in the centre everyone within its perimeter will be heiresses (and heirs) to progression. As our modelling Queen Maria reminds us, when you want good for yourself it becomes easy to want great for others. Believe us, she knows a thing or two about self-love!

“she.lace is an incredible platform that’s made up on an incredible unit of people who have banded together to build something very powerful. It’s a brand that communicates the importance of women’s empowerment, the collaboration of women and calls into play the sneaker culture and the need for diversity…So it’s a very powerful platform and a lot can be said about it, but for the most part it’s definitely a step in the right direction.”

Ciao, come stai?! This “Sizzling Sicilian” is always a sight for sore eyes and low spirits. Simply because her bubbly energy is undeniably infectious and, ironically, “cures” you of any woes or worries.

Why is that though? Is it because she always envelopes others in her positive Personal Paradise, perhaps. Well, according to Maria it’s because she’s been an heiress to the best kind of progression, family love

Maria and family
Sidenote: Wowzers! Strong women, produce strong women. At the risk of sounding uncouth we have to say that mamma and nonna are “lookers” heart eyes emoji. Maria must be too modest to say she’s also an heiress to BEAUTY and GRACE.

These values, principles and morals have all been marinated with a very important ingredient: love. The kind of unbending love that undoubtedly furnishes self-love. The kind of love that is as strong as a crown, yet as delicate as a flower.

When you have been fortunate enough to inherit this it’s easy to understand why you would spread a message of love to the masses.

Maria group family
So how does she.lace transition from talking about things with such deep substance to sneakers? Seems like we’re going from the treasured to the trivial. Well, the deep roots of our family orientated model will ensure we don’t loose our “footing”.

Maira and bros

“Sneakers, to me, if I look at it in a literal sense it becomes really apparent what they mean to me. You walk on your two feet and your strides are what take you forward in life. So, I feel when you’re confident from the feet up…it solidifies those strides that you take in life and it pushes you to the next level, and that’s what it’s all about. When you step out into the world with a great pair of sneakers and your confidence is up, you’re ready to take on whatever comes your way.”

Introducing a sneaker that may have caused quite a few trips to the chiropractor or masseuse… You know, from all the head-turning it causes. Okok, perhaps we’re overstating it a tad bit but these had the sneaker blogs in a frenzy when they made their first appearance. We can say confidently, from many anecdotes, that this pair of Jordans catches the eye and interest of ladies who couldn’t tell you if they’re the 11s or 111s. These J’s are widely coveted, and we love them. As a matter of fact, for she.lace… brace yourself… these are actually our FAVOURITE Air Jordan 11 model. Surprise, surprise a women’s exclusive sneaker is a favourite of she.lace… utterly shocking. Well, just as you caught your breath we have another “groundbreaking revelation”: the fact that these were made exclusively for the ladies is NOT why they’re our numero uno. So why then? These sneakers represent progression in more ways than one. Yes, we know we’re talking about a Jordan model that has produced sneakers with a cult-like following:

With that being said (as the sneakerheads grit their teeth and wave their hands in disgust) here’s why we feel the Heiress is truly an “Heiress of Progression”.


No patent leather, no problem! After all, a women’s exclusive Jordan 11 should be “smooth as velvet”. These released at the end of December 2016 (typical time of the year for Jordan 11 releases, unless we’re talking about the low-cut versions) in close proximity to the “gladiator” Jordan 11 Space Jams (pictured above). Yes, the hypebeast Space Jams received the expected craze, but the Heiress was no slouch…it certainly garnered it’s fair share of attention especially considering it’s not an OG colourway. Sneakernews explains why, and puts it into perspective why this model represents progression for Jordan Brand. The aesthetically pleasing look of this sneaker was matched by new details:

-Velvet mudguard (breaking from the “traditional” patent leather)
-The use of the “luxurious” maroon velvet and nubuck materials, as opposed to Cordura mesh fabric
-Branding: Metallic Gold Jumpman pendant logo

Sneakernews captured the truly progressive aspect of this sneaker, “The red velvet Jordan 11 Heiress showcases Jordan Brand’s updated attention to detail for their ever-growing women’s line.”

The Heiress wasn’t the first version of this model only available in women or youth sizes. But, it was the first that was entirely different than any men’s offerings and was a premium aesthetic creation. Bravo clapping hands emoji Jordan, and an honourable mention to the entire  2017 Heiress collection (winter, spring).

So, what was the biggest complaint about one of Jordan Brand’s all-time most popular signatures? They only came up to a men’s size 9.5. Tisk, Tisk…take the Space Jams and be content, some expectations are just “out of this world.”

IMG_0183Well, our she.lace model has these maroon-velvet classics so “sour grapes” to any size 10 (and up) men who are bitter.

Sidenote: Most of us know about the idea of matching family shoes. It can be ultra cute (rack up those IG likes with some “oh so fly children”) and require some real commitment. Then we have the “Giuliana Gang”… Who take matching to a different level:

Now, this is what you call “signing your name in permanent ink”. Listen to the inspiring story behind this “body art”.
IMG_0293When it came to Ms. Giuliana we had to bring an heiress to a location fit for a princess… Oh sorry, we mean Queen!


Princes’ Gates, “the monumental gateway” of Exhibition Place.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Not bad for 90-years of age huh?! Yes, this architectural gem was erected in 1927. Well to be fair there were some restorations, ultimately replacements, to the ‘Goddess of Winged Victory’ (beautiful angel statue affixed atop) in 1986…and more recent repairs to the overall structure in 2010. The construction of these gates was inspired by a way to celebrate 60 years of Canadian Confederation. And the original named followed suit: the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation Gates. As The Ontario Association of Architects explains the gates renaming was a way to honour Edward, Prince of Wales and his brother Prince George who officially opened the gates.

Welcome to Exhibition Place! These Toronto grounds are best known for one of the City’s end of summer traditions, The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) a.k.a. “The Ex” (another Toronto hallmark also calls Exhibition Place its “home”, increasingly so in recent years, but we’ll reveal what this is in the coming weeks). Now, due to main entrance of Toronto’s two week carnival (at least the entrance widely used because of the convenience of public transportation going steps from the front) being at the west-end of the grounds many people would be familiar with the Dufferin Gates. BlogTO even provides a very cool history of the Dufferin Gates. But, what about the landmark on the south-east side? Here’s the funny thing, most Torontonians have passed by this intriguing art on many occasions. Its exact address is 11 Princes’ Blvd, located just off of Lakeshore Blvd West which is a major artery for travelling in and out of the downtown core. It’s not to say this structure “hides in plain sight” because it is hard to miss…it just competes with the attention of people hustling and bustling to get to-and-from.


So next time your around Lakeshore and Strachan…disregard the honking horns of frustrated motorists and stop to take a look and one of the most eye-catching architectural entrances Toronto has to offer.

She.lace recommendation: If you ever want to learn about historic Toronto landmarks and heritage buildings we suggest you check out Historic Toronto. This blog is an easy read that’s informative and engaging.

It would seem the Princes’ Gates are a symbol of progression. Amongst many other things, the structure was created to recognize Canada’s coming of age as a nation; while not losing sight of what, and from whom, it had inherited its nation status.


From the “hero’s crown” held in the right hand of the Goddess of Winged Victory… To the flower crown that adorns Maria’s head, we can certainly relate. Some of us may understand being a heir/heiress to progression in the traditional way Maria has presented: the nurturing effect of family love and sacred teachings of familial bonds. she.laces uses the abstract to disseminate and “pass down” information. When we say “Heiress to Progression” we’re stating our intention to: make all women and young girls heiresses to a new and improved sneaker culture. Either way, she.lace wants you to be aware of what you have inherited… Know who you’ve inherited it from, and understand that progression is yours for the taking!

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