The Elegance of Royalty

“Time waits for no man…or WOMAN. Embrace your Royalty.”

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown…” Good ol’ William Shakespeare is a wordsmith of no rival: We hope thou doth not misprison whence we come from. That’s probably enough of a torturous reminder of the struggles many of us went through in high school English classes trying to decipher “Bill the poet” (We dare anyone to attempt to translate our Shakespearean line above in the comments). Here’s the point, having the responsibility of being a Queen or a King is very cumbersome. What the above line from the play King Henry IV, Part Two is saying is that great responsibilities can often lead to great worries, and countless sleepless nights. Rest easy though because you know we have a suggestion to make sure you get the royal sleep you deserve: ELEGANCE!

Some may think that the concept of elegance and royalty go “crown-to-throne” (as in hand-to-hand…work with us), but that’s not always the case…for example:


Yes, we understand that these are fictional depictions of “royalty”, but there’s still a rudimentary lesson to be learned. Ironically, humility can take even an all-powerful majesty much further than force. Why should this matter to you? We want you to understand that YOU ARE ROYALTY!


“True Royalty is when an individual creates something that makes the often overlooked feel empowered…The ultimate gold standard.”

~Travis Pereira, she.lace co-founder

“A rose by any other name…” Puma x CAREAUX Basket (I know we promised no more horror Shakespearean flashbacks, but this a means to an end). Now, let’s not conflate a 16th century playwright/poet with contemporary world-class designer. But there’s a reason why we’ve quoted this famous Romeo and Juliet line. Of course, it’s a cute pun for the beautifully detailed rose on the tongue of the sneaker. It’s more than what we see in this sneaker, more than the tangible…it’s the message behind this beautiful sneaker.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.42.41 PM.png
Instagram/ @careaux

Caroll Lynn aka CAREAUX is a Netherlands-born illustrator/sneakerhead/sneaker illustrator/sneaker designer…just to name a few credentials. She offers a description of herself, on her blog, that is much more simplified and elegant: You can call me a blogger. You can call me a sneaker head. You can even call me instafamous. But I am always a creator, a creator of my own #SHECOZY life.” CAREAUX is a self-described sneakerhead (so, it’s okay for us to ordain her with this royal title) who’s gained global acclaim for her graphic designs and digital artwork. It’s no wonder she’s a consistent collaborator with Puma on one of the most creative lines the brand offers (in our opinion). Here’s how Puma describes the CAREAUX collection: “CAREAUX reimagines the world with dreamy and delicate illustrations on canvas. Under her moniker, Netherlands-born designer Caroll Lynn fuses an optimistic spirit with an artful graphic approach.”

Sidenote: It wouldn’t be such a farfetched notion to compare Careaux and Shakespeare. After all, we know what similarities they have that make them one in the same: DOPE artists.

Now, if you’re an OG subscriber to she.lace you’ll know that our inaugural post featured a women’s exclusive model. So, you know we’re excited about discussing this sneaker. It wouldn’t have mattered what this shoe happened to have been called (brand or model), or the materials used to create it, or the intricate details applied to make it sensational. Regardless of all of that it STILL would’ve been a sneaker designed by a woman! As luck would have it, all the aforementioned things above we said wouldn’t have mattered were actually taken into thorough consideration and we got a 🔥🔥🔥 sneaker.

Looks like she.lace has an “oh so fly” lady to try to get to model for us #modelgoals.

In our opinion, here’s the best thing about this sneaker…It’s a female designed Puma Basket available in unisex sizing, nothing exclusionary. This is the elegance behind this royal creation #SHECOZY.

Of course if you google this sneaker it will mostly show results that suggest it’s a women’s only offering…NOT THE CASE. We at she.lace learned firsthand when we surprised our lovely model with these as a gift (in her correct size) and couldn’t figure out why they didn’t fit.

shoetoobigTurns out it was unisex sizing.

“Immerse yourself in regal environments so you can foster a royal mindset. In order to exude excellence, you must surround yourself with elegance.” (Credit: RTS Productions)

The Fairmont Royal York is almost synonymous with regal. This historic Toronto hotel began operations in 1929 and has been an iconic site ever since. The history of this establishment is interesting enough, but what is really noteworthy is the company motto: Turning moments into memories. If that doesn’t encompass a “royal” mindset, we’re not sure what does. Perhaps, this is why the hotel’s most illustrious and dignified guests have included Queen Elizabeth II herself, and the entire Royal Family. Needless to say, we had to bring our she.lace royalty to a place so well respected.

Fun Fact: The Fairmont Royal York was the tallest building in Toronto…for just over a year. (Credit: WikiCommons)

It’s really a difficult task to miss the Fairmont as you enter Toronto – it’s front and center in the downtown skyline. Which makes it one of the first structures that many tourists see when they come out of one of the busiest transportation hubs in the city, Union Station. It might not be a coincidence that the hotel’s address is 100 Front Street W. The decor and aesthetics of this establishment are certainly 100 small when it comes to representing Toronto with elegance. So, if you’re ever in downtown Toronto we encourage you to take a little tour. Walking through the main foyer is like taking a trip to an antique art gallery. This is just our Canadian “two cents”…But, even that is royalty.


Canadian Penny
The Canadian 1-cent coin (no longer in circulation) features an image in the likeness of the reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

she.lace has the great responsibility of conveying a very important message to the world, and we’re aware we need to do so with grace and elegance. If we take the approach of demanding our mission be recognized and respected by being curt and aggressive we may get attention, but we won’t be understood. And that’s what elegance does, it allows you to be understood. I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard an aunt, uncle or grandparent tell us at one point in our lives, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”. And those are the kind of wise words that exemplify exactly what the elegance of royalty looks like.

(Credit: RTS Productions)

So the next time you happen to be in a elegant hotel and you see a regal lady looking royal in her kicks, and you want to know where she got them from…when you approach the Queen and get ready to inquire here’s how your address should begin: “Your Highness….” We have confidence you can elegantly figure out the rest.

Next week’s post is going to talk about a concept that comes to mind when you think of tropical weather and white sand beaches. Here’s a hint, say these words together quickly: Pair a dice.

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