Goals on a Pedestal

GOALS and PEDESTAL. According to Dictionary.com both can be defined as:

Goals: [noun] The result or achievement toward which effort  is directed; aim; end.

Pedestal: [noun] a supporting structure or piece; base

               [idiom] set/put on a pedestal; glorify; idealize.

We often hear of people saying they are “setting goals” or “making goals” to be accomplished. Now, anytime someone aspires to be productive by getting something done we feel it should be applauded.

With that being said…let’s play a game of semantics. Instead of “setting” or “making” goals how about we get into the practice of putting goals on a pedestal. Why? Well, if you read last week’s post you know we’re going to rebut with, why not? But to answer directly…it’s because a pedestal, according to the definition above, is a) A solid structure b) Something we look up to in which we place extraordinary value and prestige. This is how she.lace conceptualizes goals: they’re aspirations, tasks and dreams that we “look up to” and give the utmost value.

Speaking of unprecedented levels of value, let’s talk Jordans.

 Jordan Jeopardy: Championships for 500.

 “What shoe was his airness wearing when he won his first NBA Championships?”

“What is the Jordan VI she.lace?”

Wait, so why are we talking about the 6s when this week’s IG post featured the 5s? Well, when Jordan made what is still one of the most iconic moments in NBA history (clutching the Naismith trophy in his hands while being overwhelmed with emotions of triumph and tears of joy).

After winning the Championship in 1991 he was coming off the heels of something.The year before the Bulls playoffs run came to an end with a loss to the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals. What’s the “free-throw” (as in point, get it? haha). Jordan didn’t set a goal to be a NBA champion the following season, he put that goal on a pedestal.

1990 was a long time ago, and let’s just say Sheena Deb was very, VERY young when they originally released (or maybe she wasn’t even born yet…will let you decide). Two things that haven’t changed since the “Fire Red” first debut: 1) They are still iconic “feet art” that deserve a mantlepiece 2) Sheena always has that iconic “blazing” smile. The version that Sheena’s rocking are the 2006 rendition. Despite being re-released most recently in 2013…the ones you see here are the closest we’ve gotten to the OG 1990 version. Original, Vintage yet Contemporary, Classic. All things that describe both this sneaker and Sheena. All you need is 2 minutes in her presence and you realize the Fire Red V is a PERFECT metaphor for her fiery personality. It only makes sense they are both on a pedestal.

There is one other thing that hasn’t changed since 1990 when it comes to Jordan Brand…no consistent releases of WOMEN exclusive sneakers (and youth sizes don’t count). Now, we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight the 2010 Jordan II “Lavender” designed by New York-based fashion designer, trendsetter and all-around BOSS Vashtie Kola. Despite Jordan Brand’s collaboration with this wonderful creative visionary, we need to see more fly ladies on the frontline doing exactly that.

Contrary to the beautiful smile (dare i say exuberant?!) you see being exhibited by Sheena above…This is no joking matter. She.lace wants you to take this as a figurative and literal representation of what we’re doing: Putting all women sneakerheads and enthusiasts on a pedestal in the sneaker world.

It’s such a statuesque view, don’t you agree? Consider this goal on our pedestal, and we’d love your support making it come to fruition.

Just look at Sheena below for an example, a helping hand can go a long way.

Look out for next week’s post! And in the meantime, make sure you compliment a lady when you see her doing ANY and EVERYTHING looking oh so fly in her kicks.

p.s. These photos were taken at the beautiful Casa Loma in midtown Toronto. Believe it or not this modern-day castle was once a private residence (imagine the epic games of “hide and seek”). Nowadays it functions more as a museum and tourist attraction. Nonetheless, this place is art personified at it’s certainly worth checking out.

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