Equality over Everything

The heart and courage of a lion, with the gentleness and serenity of a lamb. That’s the most fitting way to describe Jamila Husbands. Or, as we at she.lace like to call her: co-founder & CEO.

Hello world, introducing the visionary who’s idea gave way to a concept, that will undoubtedly turn into a movement. So what pair of sneakers does a trailblazer leading a movement wear? None other than the Nike Air Max Thea SE “Rose Gold.”

This metallic bronze offering from Nike is part of their “Precious Metals” collections.

Air Max Thea
Jamila wearing the Nike Air Max “SE” Rose Gold sneaker.

Now, we could drop another cute pun connecting “Precious” and “Jamila” but why state the obvious?! After all, sometimes you say the most by saying nothing at all. AND, the old adage says a picture says a thousand words… Well, not sure if any of those 1000 words would be “precious”. That begs an interesting question though, what word(s) does this picture summon to mind?:  “Prey”, “Predator”, “Strength”, “Weakness”, “Fierce”, “Docile”, “Justice”, “Scale.”

Whatever noun or adjective comes to mind, the part we want to highlight is Jamila’s position in the middle:  annex, proportionate, even, equitable, equal, EQUALITY. This is the impetus for she.lace.

Which brings us to the “Equal Before The Law” statue pictured above. The imposing installation is hard to miss as you walk on the famed Osgoode Lane, right in between Toronto’s City Hall and Superior Court Of Justice. Located in what’s called The McMurty Gardens of Justice. This 10-foot tall (we’ll save you the boredom of the full dimensions) bronze statue is the work of Toronto-based artist and author Eldon Garnet. Now, as the name and location implies this statue has judicial undertones. In short, it represents the notion that before the law (Canadian Law in this case) all individuals are equal. Needless to say, this message aligns perfectly with Jamila’s mantra.

The symbolism involved in this juxtaposition is interesting to say the least. According to the artist, what it signifies and/or how it is understood is open to interpretation. For us, one suggestion that is very arbitrary (as in: not open to “interpretation”) is to check out Eldon Garnet’s work.

Torontonians, this will be a lot easier than you may think because Garnet’s public art installations hide in plain sight throughout the city. Example you ask? The next time you pass by the Queen & Broadview bridge, just west of Broadview on Queen St. E., take a close look at the west entrance (You’ll most likely have ample time being stuck in traffic).

Eldon Garnet - Time & A Clock
Eldon Garnet’s Time & A Clock installation.

This is more than just a recreational hobby for Jamila, it’s a passion. A passion that influences every facet of her life. She’s representing for the mass amount of women sneaker heads and enthusiasts around the world. More importantly, she’s making it clear that it’s not just about kicks… It’s about EQUALITY! From her mind, to your eyes and hopefully your hearts.

Stay tuned for next week’s post! Here’s a hint, it might be the only way to see a boat in the middle of a highway.

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